TERAFLEX® GOLD WHITE high strength flexible adhesive

white high strength, flexible adhesive for application of large and heavy lining tiles and stones on critical base



- high strength bonding

- very high hydro and frost resistance

- zero sliding with extended operating time

- for thick and thin layers







For application on:

- heavy and large size lining tiles

- fine stoneware tiles, granite, marble, gneiss, onyx,     limestone

- natural and artificial lining stone

- light, penetrating and coloring lining tiles


For application when:

- critical and deformable bases

- linings subject to sudden weather changes

- floors with built-in heating

- application onto old ceramic coatings

TERAFLEX® GOLD WHITE is white high strength flexible adhesive for bonding heavy and large size linings of natural stone, fine stoneware tiles, granite, marble, gneiss, onyx, limestone, masonry quarry rock and other critical bases. It has great strength parameters and very high moisture and cold resistance, which makes it a perfect tool for bonding on almost every kinds of bases exposed on sudden weather changes – balconies, terraces, roofs, for lining facades, set-offs and other open areas.

It is suitable for laying all types of transparent or translucent and light-colored lining tiles through which the adhesive can be visible or which can be stained by it. It has great flexibility and can be applied both thin and thick-film.

It is recommended when bonding ceramic linings over floor heating, old ceramic tiles and granite tile floors, cement, lime-cement, gypsum and anhydrite screeds, gypsum boards, foam concrete and others. Allows small areas to be embossed and small irregularities aligned at the base.

TERAFLEX® GOLD WHITE is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, in wet, constantly wet and refrigerated areas, as well as areas that will later be underwater in combination with the flexible waterproofing system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION2.



Class C2 TЕ according to BDS EN 12004



25 kg paper bags.