High strength gypsum based adhesive in conformity with EN 12860 for bricklaying partition walls from gypsum blocks, suitable for bonding gypsum moldings and ornaments on walls and ceilings


- high adhesion strength with the base

- user-friendly paste-like mixture

- Increased adhesive strength and elasticity

- high initial strength during hardening

- extended open time – over 90 min.

- consumption rate efficiency



Scope of use

TERAFLEX ® GYPSUM BASED ADHESIVE is modified gypsum based mixture with high adhesive strength. It is intended for building massive gypsum panels or blocks for not-load bearing partition walls, free standing protective structures, inspection manholes, etc., as well as their connection with adjacent construction elements.

The extended open time of more than 90 min provides full use of prepared mixture and leads to low consumption rate.

The unique gypsum modification provides high strength and elasticity to the connection between separate blocks as well as their connection with adjacent constructions.

TERAFLEX ® GYPSUM BASED ADHESIVE is recommended for bonding  gypsum  moldings and decorative ornaments on walls, ceilings as well as filling joints in between.

The adhesive is suitable for smoothing and repairing rough or uneven bases of gypsum, lime-gypsum, lime or lime-cement. Can be used for fixing and filling cracks, repairing and finishing works in dry places.



According to BDS EN 12860

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501-1


Indicative consumption

about 0,5 kg/m2 for 1 mm layer
Application rate is average and highly depends on the type and the structure of the base!



5, 15 kg paper bags