Liquid construction additive against freezing of concrete and all types of cement and lime-cement based mixtures, which allows working at low temperatures up to -10°С


- ameliorates the frost resistance

- ameliorates the strength characteristics

- maintains positive temperature of the solution during the time of drying

- accelerates the hardening

- does not contain chlorides

- suitable for all types of cement and lime-cement based mixtures




Scope of use

TERAFLEX® LIQUID ANTIFREEZE ADDITIVE is designed for use when working at mild winter conditions (expected temperature drops, mild freezing during the day, expected cold periods). It gives the opportunity for working with mixtures at temperatures up to -10°С. The product combines the action of fast bonding additive and additive against freezing as it accelerates the hardening of the mixture/concrete. It could be added to all types of dry construction mixes and cement and lime-cement based mixtures. It does not contain chlorides and other compounds which could cause corrosion of reinforcement.

The additive lowers the freezing temperature of the water in the mixture or the concrete and it accelerates the hydration of the contained cement. In this way the product speeds up the process
of reaching the minimum hardness (4-5 N/mm2) of the material against freezing.

TERAFLEX® LIQUID ANTIFREEZE ADDITIVE improves the workability of the fresh mixture or concrete
and allows 5% reduction of the water. It is recommended when mortaring and mounting of thermal
insulation materials and applying different types of ceramic and stone lining. The product is used both indoors and outdoors with steel reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and watertight concrete. The additive is suitable for all types of ready-mix concrete and in the enterprises for manufacturing of precast concrete.



In compliance with BDS EN 934-2


Indicative consumption

approximately 1% of the bonding substance

1 bottle of the additive (100ml) is used together with 1 bag of dry construction mix (25kg)



100 ml plastic bottle