TERAFLEX® MASTER FIX levelling cement-lime mortar

Levelling cement-lime mortar for rough (backing coat) plastering of walls and ceilings up to 5 cm thick, indoors and outdoors


- excellent adhesion to the substrate

- easily overcomes surface unevenness/roughness without slipping

- very good vapour permeability

- layer application up to 50 mm





Scope of use

For application on:

- coarse concrete and cement surfaces

- brick masonry and foundations of aerated concrete

- cement and lime-sand blocks


Use for:

- rough (backing coat) plastering of walls and ceilings in interior and exterior spaces

- leveling and fixation of uneven walls

- masonry walls with compromised plaster finish

- wet premises, basements, garages and etc.

TERAFLEX® MASTER FIX is a levelling cement-lime mortar for laying a layer of thickness up to 5 cm. It is suitable for complete exterior and interior rough (backing coat) plastering of walls and ceilings in damp rooms, basements, garages, etc., serving as a strong base for laying different types of finishing coatings. Can be used for levelling and repairing of walls with large irregularities and walls with damaged plaster.

During work, the plaster overcomes quickly and easily large surface unevenness/roughness without slipping, greatly reducing labour costs and execution times. The surface layer is processed and smoothed very easily, giving very good coating appearance.

TERAFLEX® MASTER FIX has excellent adhesion to bricks, cement blocks, lime-sand blocks, rough concrete and others. It can be applied both mechanically and by hand. It is not suitable for use in the façade plinth.




CSI-W1 according to BDS EN 998-1

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

about 12-14 kg/m² per layer with 10 mm thickness depending on the condition of the base the indicative consumption may vary




25 kg paper bags