Mounting adhesive based on MS-polymers with exceptional bond strength, for particularly sustainable and strong bonding with maximum initial strength, for rapid installation of heavy objects without their fixation.


- extremely strong bond with a very high load (25 kg/cm2)

- lasting elastic and resistant to moisture and vibrations watertight bonding

- no need for mechanical reinforcement

- 100% neutral, solvent-free and odorless

- resistant to mold, detergents, chlorine, sea water, UV rays and weather conditions

- пallows painting after drying



 Scope of use

TERAFLEX® MS SUPER CRYSTAL is a multifunctional fast curing mounting adhesive, made of high-quality hybrid MS-polymer, which after hardening forms an extremely strong bond with high loading capacity (25 kg/cm2) and extremely high initial adhesive strength.

It creates extremely strong and elastic connection, achieving the effect of mechanical fixation, replacing the use of nails, screws and other tools. The adhesive adheres equally well to all kind of building materials and bases, both dry and wet, in indoors and outdoors.

TERAFLEX® MS SUPER CRYSTAL is a chemically neutral product that is not aggressive to the materials and that does not react to cleaning detergents. It is resistant to mold, sea water, chlorine, detergents, UV rays and temperatures from -40°С to +90°С. It dries quickly and without sagging when applied in vertical joints. After drying it can be painted with paints and varnishes on epoxy-, polyurethane- and water-based.

It is applied universally in construction, engineering and automobile industry, as well as in household and garden. It is designed for waterproofing and vibration absorbing, connecting machine parts and construction details of  cars, buses, caravans, coaches and ships. It bonds stainless steel, aluminum, copper, lead, glass, polycarbonate, PS, PUR, PVC and other plastics.

In the construction is used for waterproof bonding of concrete, ceramic tiles, stone, enamel, wood, masonry, plasterboard, etc., during the installation of mirrors, window sills, frames and door frame, cornices and moldings made of wood and PVC. It is a suitable choice also when bonding decorative panels, wooden bricks, corners of stairs, slabs of walls and floors and many others.


Indicative consumption

depending on the project



Cartridge 290 ml.