elastic all-purpose neutral silicone for compaction on non-loaded and active joints in construction and industry


- permanently elastic at very low temperatures

- does not cause corrosion

- resistant to aging, UV-rays and  atmospheric influences

- highly resistant to dirt and cleaning agents








Compaction on:

- ceramics, glass, porcelain, polyacrylate

- aluminum, zinc, copper, plastic, epoxy resins, polyester

- impregnated, painted and lacquered wood and others


For application when:

- heavily loaded connecting, expansion and other active joints

- pressurization around ledges, doorcase and  frames, windows, glazing

- joints in cool-storage rooms and premises

- indoor and outdoor conditions

TERAFLEX® NEUTRAL is a neutral, low-modular, all-purpose silicone, which hardens under the influence of the humidity of the air. It forms a permanent, dense and elastic mass with excellent adhesion to various materials (ceramics, glass, aluminum, zinc, copper, impregnated, painted or varnished wood, plastic, epoxide resins, polyester, polyacryl impregnated, painted and lacquered wood and others) without causing their corrosion.

It is designed also for compacting, connecting and protecting surfaces from penetration of humidity and air - when working with alkaline bases (concrete, construction solutions and others). It is used for sealing joints and pressurization around ledges, doorcase, frames, windows, cool-storage rooms and premises. It is suitable for permanent and effective sealing of heavily loaded joints (at balconies and terraces, masonry, garages, trucks, trailers, boats, yachts, wagons and others).

TERAFLEX® NEUTRAL is extremely resistant to low temperatures and remains permanently elastic and maintains its elasticity throughout the entire period of use. It hardens without shrinkage and forms a perfectly smooth surface.

It is extremely resistant to contamination, aging processes and the impact of cleaning detergents. Resistant to UV-rays and other atmospheric influences (rain, snow, extreme temperatures) and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.



Class F-EXT-INT-CC; 20LM according EN 15651-1:2017

G-CC; 20LM according EN 15651-2:2017




quantity/ unit



    280 ml

72 cartons (х 20 pcs)

Soft package

    600 ml

70 cartons (х 15 pcs)








white; transparent