TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC- polyurethane sealant

One-component polyurethane sealing and bonding mass for highly elastic and leveling pressure sealing of pressure-loaded joints and bonding in construction and machinery construction.


- excellent adhesion to various materials

- maintains elasticity after hardening

- protects from rust and moisture

- does not run down when applying in verticlal joints

- can be painted and grinded after drying

- resistant to UV-rays and aging processes

- resistant to moisture and atmospheric influences

- does not cause corrosion


Scope of use

TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC is a high quality and extremely elastic one-component polyurethane based sealing and bonding mass.  It is used for elastic sealing of pressure-loaded joints in construction and also for bonding of constructions and metal materials.

It adheres very well to most construction materials – concrete, bricks, wood, aluminum, steel, copper and various plastics. It dries fast without causing corrosion and without running down when applying in vertical joints. It maintains its elasticity during the entire period of use and after dying it can be grinded and painted on. The hardened sealant is resistant to UV-rays and the influence of chemicals. Due to its plastic-elastic characteristics, the material bears extensions as a result of changing atmospheric conditions (rain, snow, extreme temperatures, sea water).

TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC is recommended for use at places with pressure-loaded joints, subjected to great pressures and structural connections within vibrating constructions. It seals and bonds metals and construction materials, ventilation and air-conditioning air pipes. It is very suitable for sealing shrinking joints in concrete constructions and between panels, window frames, shingles and others. It is also used for sealing joints in vacuum systems, air-pressured installations, containers, wagons, silos, aluminum constructions, sewage systems, automobiles, trailers, ships etc.


Indicative consumption

The indicative consumption depends on the depth of the joints. The table shows how many linear meters may be filled with one cartridge (600 ml) depending on the joint’s measures.

Depth of the joint

                                                      Width of the joint

                                                           6 mm      8 mm    10 mm    12 mm     15mm     20mm
6 mm 16,7 m 12,4 m 9,9 m 8,4 m    
8 mm   9,3 m 7,4 m 6,2 m 5,1 m  
10 mm     6,0 m 5,1 m 3,9 m 2,9 m
12 mm       4,1 m 3,3 m 2,5 m
15 mm         2,6 m 2,0 m
20 mm           1,5 m



soft package (“sausage”) 600 ml



white, gray, black