TERAFLEX® PU CLEANER, polyurethane foam cleaner

Dissolves, cleans, and completely removes leftovers of not hardened from bases, foam guns and bottle valves and others.


- removes completely not hardened PU foam

- degreases the base and prepares it for work

- cleans bases and foam guns

- précised and economic dosing

- removes grease, oils, resins, wax

- easy to work with






Scope of use

TERAFLEX® PU CLEANER is an aerosol solvent of not hardened polyurethane foam. It is used for removing leftovers of foam from various bases, foam guns, bottle valves and their general cleaning.

It is recommended for preparation and degreasing of the base prior to polyurethane and silicone and application. It is also used for cleaning and degreasing of metals (iron, steel, chrome, aluminum), non-varnished wood, marble and others. It excellently removes grease, oils, resins, wax, adhesive leftovers and non-hardened sealants.

TERAFLEX® PU CLEANER guarantees extended life and trouble-free functioning of the foam gun when cleaned regularly.




Aerosol bottle 500 ml.