Hand-held PU foam for manual application for filling construction joints and holes, mounting window frames and door frames.


- increases volume up to 55 times

- excellent thermal and noise insulation

- excellent bonding to most materials

- prevents the formation of thermal bridges

- easy for use and application

- can be cut and painted on

- resistant to moisture and aging

- contains safe for the environment gas





Scope of use

TERAFLEX® UNIVERSAL is one-component self-expanding polyurethane foam for manual application, which hardens from the humidity in the air. It is used in construction for sealing, filling, bonding, insulation and mounting. It has great adhesion and attaches itself extremely strong to most construction materials (concrete, bricks, stones, masonry, mortars, bitumen insulation materials, wooden, metal and glass surfaces and others). It has very good thermal and noise –insulation characteristics and can be used effectively for filling up joints between thermal-insulation EPS and XPS boards and to prevent the formation of thermal bridges between them.

It is designed for various mounting activities, vacuuming, sealing joints, filling up holes, openings and cracks in walls, roofs and building constructions from different materials. It is recommended for use when mounting window frames and door frames; insulation of windows; insulation of pipes and electrical installations, constructing noise-proof barriers; fixing and insulation of panels, roof tiles; for stabilizing and sealing pipes that go through walls and others.

It holds excellent thermal-insulation characteristics, frost resistance, resistance to heat and environmental influences. After hardening it can be cut, polished, painted, plastered. It contains safe for the environment gas, which complies with the latest EU directions.


Volume reached after extrusion

35-38 l from a 750 ml package
25-30 l from a 500 ml package
13-15 l from a 250 ml package



Bottle 250ml, 500ml, 750gr.