Quick action rust solvent with great penetrating power, decomposes and removes rust completely from all kinds of metals, removes humidity, greases and protects against environmental influences. 


- great penetrating power

- removes water and dissolves dirt

- decomposes and removes rust completely

- long-lasting protection of surfaces against corrosion

- facilitates dismantling of rusty joints

- guarantees good lubrication of surfaces







Scope of use

TERAFLEX® RELEASING AGENT is a quick action universal rust solvent. Due to its special formula it penetrates deeply into the rust and decomposes it completely. It releases and facilitates dismantling of corroded joints (bolts, knuckles, nuts, springs, locks and others), unscrews corroded and oxidized screws on automobiles, trucks, agricultural machinery, aggregates, appliances and others.

It distinguishes with dehydrating characteristics, removes water and dissolves dirt. It leaves a long-lasting coat that protects permanently the surfaces against corrosion, caused by moisture or atmospheric conditions. It protects shiny metal details against darkening due to atmospheric conditions and salt influence.

TERAFLEX® RELEASING AGENT contains organic molybdenum additives, which guarantees good lubrication trough smoothing the metal surfaces. It removes squeaky noises and decreases wear and tier of the mechanical equipment. It may be used as an armory lubricant so as a lubricant for various instruments.

The bottle has a spray nozzle for an easier application on the corroded surfaces. Odorless. 



Aerosol bottle 400 ml.