TERAFLEX® SANITARY sanitari silocone

Highly elastic, quick-hardening sanitary silicone, resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, UV-rays, for wet and humid premises.



- high and permanent elasticity

- excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces

- MYCO PROTECT formula for protection against mold, mildew and fungi

- resistant to cleaning detergents and dirt




Compaction on:

- glazed faience, terracotta, granite tiles, clinker tiles

- glass, porcelain, enamel, polyacryl

- aluminum, stainless steel, impregnated wood and others


For application when:

- angular, connecting, expanding  and other active joints

- bathtubs, wash-basins, toilets, douche-cabins and under douche tubs

- fittings, sinks, kitchen and worktops 

- indoor conditions

TERAFLEX® SANITARY is a high quality fast hardening acetate based silicone, with excellent adhesion to very smooth surfaces (glazed ceramics, granite and clinker tiles, glass, porcelain, enamel, polyacryl, aluminum, stainless steel, impregnated wood and others).

The silicone is permanently elastic and maintains high elasticity throughout the entire period of use. It solidifies without shrinking and forms a perfectly smooth surface. It is equipped with a MYCO PROTECT system which protects the joint against mold, mildew and fungi, facilitating the maintenance of aesthetic outlook of the surface and healthy climate in the premises.

TERAFLEX® SANITARY is suitable for sealing all connecting, expanding and other types of joints in sanitary, wet and damp premises (spa centers, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, corridors, stairs, etc.) and other areas where resistance to water, mold, mildew and microorganisms is required. It is recommended for sealing joints in permanently wet areas, around douche-cabins, bathtubs, under douche tubs, fittings in bathrooms, wash-basins, toilets, kitchen counters and around sinks.

It is strongly resistant to UV-rays, pollution, aging processes and the influence of cleaning detergents. Suitable for indoor use.

TERAFLEX® SANITARY is an element of the system of ceramic covering application TERAFLEX®.



Class G-CC; 20LM (280 ml) G-CC; 25LM (60 ml) according to EN 15651-2:2017

S; S1 (280 ml) S; XS1 (60 ml) according to EN 15651-3:2017



Cartridge - 280 ml

Tube - 60 ml