TERAFLEX® SILICONE SPRAY, universal silicone spray

Universal protective and separating silicone based lubricant not containing greases, and protecting and preserving metal, rubber, plastic and wooden elements.


- forms water repelling lubricating film

- lubricates moving parts of any kind

- protects against corrosion and oxidization

- does not contain greases

- protects and preserves metal, rubber and plastic

- resistant to high temperatures







Scope of use

TERAFLEX® SILICONE SPRAY is a universal silicone in and aerosol packaging, which is used as a protective and separating substance in treating and manufacturing plastic, rubber, metal and other products.

It guarantees application of a thin silicone film even on complex surfaces.

It forms a clean water repellent lubricating film, which does not harden and protects against oxidization and corrosion. It is resistant to high temperatures and does not contain greases.

TERAFLEX® SILICONE SPRAY is used for lubrication moving parts of any kind. It prevents accumulation of adhesives leftovers on presses and transmission rods. It protects the articles from adhering to conveyer straps, rifles, rockers and slides. It is an excellent mean for separating forms and casts when producing plastic moulds with schpritz machines.

It is applicable for material like polyamide, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, phenoplast and aminoplast. 



Aerosol bottle 400 ml