TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION higly elastic water repelling grout

highly elastic and water repelling grout, highly resistant to wear, mould and mildew, for joints from 1 to 6 mm




- high elasticity and deformation resistance

- good water repellent qualities

- resistant to scratches, cracks, abrasion

- high adhesion to the edges of the tiles


For grouting of:

- faience, terracotta, granite tile floors, glass ceramics

- mosaics, natural stone, marble, limestone

- clinker, concrete blocks, glass tiles and etc.


For application when:

- terraces, balconies, flat roofs, facades

- linings, subject to extreme load and deformations

- permanently wet premises

- indoor and outdoor application

TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION is designed for color filling of joints with width of 1 to 6 mm. It has high mechanical resistance against cracking, scratching, abrasion and wearing off. The composition of fine components in the grout allows the construction of very smooth surfaces and non-organic pigments and coloring agents guarantee the long durability of all colors.

It has very high elasticity of the product makes it extremely suitable for grouting of linings laid over bases that are subject to great deformations - floor and wall heating systems, gypsum cardboards, wood boards and others. The new improved formula increases the adhesion of the grout to the edges of the tiles and guarantees thorough adhesion to the tiles even if they are highly deformed.

TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION has very good water repellent properties, thanks to which water drops remain on the surface and do not penetrate the joint’s structure. In this way it stays strong and resistant to discoloration and dirt. The MYCO PROTECT system protects the joint from mould, mildew and fungi, as it facilitates the preservation of the esthetic looks of the surface and the healthy atmosphere in the premises.

It is designed for both indoors and outdoors use and it can be applied in highly loaded public and commercial premises, halls, offices, restaurants, terraces, balconies, flat roofs, etc. Suitable for application in wet premises such as bathrooms, shower cabins, kitchens, etc.

It is suitable for application on floor and wall ceramic, glass and stone tiles, terracotta, fine stoneware tiles, clinker tiles, concrete blocks and others (including natural stone and marble after testing for color changes).



Class CG 2WA according to BDS EN 13888


Indicative consumption:


2 mm joint

3 mm joint

4 mm joint

5 mm joint

6 mm joint

10x20 cm (8 mm)

0,40 kg/m2

0,59 kg/m2

0,78 kg/m2

0,97 kg/m2

1,15 kg/m2

20x20 cm (8 mm)

0,27 kg/m2

0,40 kg/m2

0,53 kg/m2

0,66 kg/m2

0,78 kg/m2

20x30 cm (8 mm)

0,22 kg/m2

0,33 kg/m2

0,44 kg/m2

0,55 kg/m2

0,65 kg/m2

33x33 cm (8 mm)

0,16 kg/m2

0,24 kg/m2

0,32 kg/m2

0,40 kg/m2

0,48 kg/m2

40x40 cm (8 mm)

0,13 kg/m2

0,20 kg/m2

0,27 kg/m2

0,33 kg/m2

0,40 kg/m2

50x50 cm (8 mm)

0,11 kg/m2

0,16 kg/m2

0,21 kg/m2

0,27 kg/m2

0,32 kg/m2


1 kg, 2 kg polyethylene buckets.