TERAFLEX® STANDARD adhesive for small format ceramics

adhesive for porous small format ceramic tiles, faience and terracotta indoors and outdoor



- hydro and frost resistant

- ensures tight adhesion

- does not slide down







For application on:

- porous ceramics

- faience and terracotta up to 30x30 cm

- light construction tiles


For application when:

- indoor and outdoor wall linings

- non-loaded indoor flooring

- on light load concrete, aerated concrete, cement, lime bases

TERAFLEX® STANDARD is an adhesive for application of porous small format ceramic, faience and terracotta tiles indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for application of tiles with max dimensions 30x30 and weight up to 20 kg/m2 on concrete, aerated concrete, cement, lime and other mineral bases.

The adhesive is moisture and cold resistant and is suitable for laying ceramic linings on non-loaded surfaces outdoors. It does not slide and ensures tight adhesion of the walls outdoors and indoors. It is suitable for bonding of light construction tiles and non-loaded indoor flooring.

The adhesive is not suitable for bonding tiles of granite, glass ceramics, natural stone, as well as flooring on floor heating.



Class C1 T according to BDS EN 12004



20 kg, 25 kg paper bags.