TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX WHITE improved flexible adhesive

white elastic adhesive with increased strength for bonding of ceramic tiles and granite tile floors outdoors and bonding of heavy loaded bases indoors



- increased adhesive strength

- very high hydro and frost resistance

- long operating time

- very good workability









For application on:

- large size floor tiles (up to 65x65 cm)

- ceramic and granite tiles

- marble, gneiss, onyx and limestone linings

- light, penetrating and coloring lining tiles


For application when:

- linings in constantly wet premises

- normally loaded linings outdoors

- floors in heavy load premises

- floors with built-in heating

TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX WHITE is an elastic adhesive for applying granite tile floors and other large size floor tiles (up to 65x65 cm) in heavy load premises. Its excellent workability allows very good covering of the contact surfaces, which guarantees perfect bonding. It is suitable for bonding ceramics over floor heating and hydro insulated surfaces.

It is suitable for application of all types of transparent, translucent and light-color lining tiles which the adhesive can be visible or which can be stained by it.

TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX WHITE is moisture and cold resistant and is suitable for laying ceramic linings both indoors and out on cement bases – balconies, terraces, roofs and other open areas. It is recommended when bonding ceramic linings in permanently wet premises (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and others) in combination with the flexible waterproofing system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION2.



Class C2 TЕ according to BDS EN 12004



25 kg paper bags.