elastic one-component universal silicone for sealing joints and non-loaded construction joints both indoors and outdoors


- permanent elastic and stretchable

- excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces

- resistant to UV-rays and aging processes

- resistant to cleaning detergents






Compaction on:

- glazed ceramic tiles, faience, terracotta, granite tiles

- glass, polyacrylic, aluminum, stainless steel

- impregnated wood and others  non-porous surfaces


For application when:

- connecting and non-loaded constructing  joints

- hermetization around door case, frames, windows

- sealing joints in the interior

- indoor and outdoor conditions

TERAFLEX® UNIVERSAL is a high quality one-component, multi-purpose silicone, which solidifies from the air humidity and forms a permanent, dense and elastic mass with excellent adhesion to many kinds of smooth surfaces (glass, glazed ceramic tiles, aluminum, stainless steel, polyacrylic, impregnated wood, etc.).

It is designed for sealing of connecting joints and protection of surfaces against penetration of moisture and air of non-porous materials – hermetization around door case, frames, windows and others. It is suitable for permanent and effective sealing of non-loaded construction joints and interior joints.

TERAFLEX® UNIVERSAL is resistant to UV-rays and other atmospheric influences (rain, snow, extremely temperatures) and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Does not allow the appearance of mold, mildew and microorganisms.

The silicone is permanently elastic and maintains these qualities throughout the entire period of use. It hardens without shrinking and forms a perfectly smooth surface. It is strongly resistant to pollution, aging processes and the influence of cleaning detergents. It is not recommended for sealing galvanized iron sheet. 



Not subject to classification.







280 ml

      72 cartons (х 20 pcs)


  60 ml

    144 cartons (х 16 pcs)







white, transparent