Professional high coverage latex paint, resistant to wet friction and wearing out for long lasting coating and exceptionally uniform surface structure


- high coverage (class 2)

- exceptional wear resistance (class 1)

- resistant to wet friction and washing

- highly modified polymer paint

- resistant to ageing and yellowing

- very easy for maintenance and cleaning

- it allows for the breathing of the wall

- no dripping, splashing or flowing down

- environmentally friendly and without emissions

- without solvents and softeners




Scope of use

TERAFLEX® VISION PREMIUM is a professional highly wear resistant latex for intensely loaded internal surfaces. It has exceptionally high coverage (class 2, according to ЕN 13300) and excellent resistance to wet friction (class 1, according to ISO 11998). It is suitable for any kind of premises with high operational loading (offices, public buildings, hotels, shopping centers and others).

It is resistant to wet washing and friction and allows for the easy cleaning and washing of the painted surface and the elimination of stains and contaminations from it only with a humidified with water or ordinary cleaning preparation cloth.

TERAFLEX® VISION PREMIUM is with well stated,exceptionally fine and uniform structure with silk sense of the color. It is resistant to ageing, does not get yellow and does not change its color.

It has excellent adhesion to the base and high durability of the colors. It does not seal the wall completely and allows for its „breathing“. It is placed smoothly and uniformly without dripping and flowing down. It is applicable over a multitude of bases, such as concrete, gypsum and cement-lime plasters and putties, gypsum board, fiberboard, PVC and many others. It is appropriate for application onto solid coatings of walls and ceilings of old water dispersion paints.

The color design system ENERGY IN COLORS allows for additional possibility for tinting the paint upon customer’s request in more than 2080 colors according to the client’s desires.



In compliance with BDS EN 13300


Indicative consumption

100 - 130 ml/m² for a single layer applivation with preliminary priming and depending on the smoothness and absorbent ability of the base.



PE 1 l bucket.
PE 2,5 l bucket.
PE 9 l bucket.
PE 15 l bucket.