Universal hydro insulating adhesive-sealant for quick repairs of leakages crack filling and sealing in all weather conditions.


- elastic and resistant to moisture stable bond

- allows work in all weather conditions

- quick drying

- does not contain silicone

- resistant to mold, detergents, chlorine, sea water, UV-rays and weather conditions

- allows painting after drying



 Scope of use

TERAFLEX® WATERSOP is universal waterproof adhesive- sealant for quick repairs under different climatic conditions. It creates a long, thick and elastic connection with excellent adhesion to a variety of materials and surfaces that are exposed to high humidity, covered partially or completely with water.

It is designed for rapid bonding and sealing on dry, wet and greasy surfaces. It is used for repairing leakages, filling cracks, sealing joints on asphalt and concrete roofs, gutters, smooth surfaces, glass, wooden and plastic elements.

TERAFLEX®  WATERSTOP is resistant to mold, sea water, chlorine, detergents, UV-rays and temperatures from -25°С to +80°С. It is compatible with all standard systems for painting and varnishing and it can be painted immediately after hardening.


Indicative consumption

The consumption depends on the depth and width of the joints.



Cartridge 300 ml.