TERAGRUND® universal strengthening primer

Universal strengthening primer, which prepares the base for tile laying, mortar application and prior to painting, indoors and outdoors


- strengthens bases

- easy application

- resistant to wet friction and washing

- solvent free

- seals dirt

- for indoor and outdoor use







Scope of use

TERAGRUND® is a universal priming coat for walls, floors and ceilings. After drying it strengthens the primed surface and increases its water repellence. The primer has universal use on all kinds of cement and lime-cement surfaces, old and new concrete (poured at least 3 months earlier), aerated concrete, gypsum plasters, gypsum boards and gypsum fiber boards, ceramic and stone coverings, fine polished high-density concrete floors. It is almost odorless, which makes it suitable for use within habitable spaces and food storerooms. For indoor and outdoor use.

All highly absorbent surfaces (anhydrite screeds, aerated concrete, gypsum boards, gypsum plasters and others) should be primed with POROGRUND® – POROUS BASE PRIMER, at least 4-5 hours prior to mortar application or lining bonding. Wooden or smooth and fine polished surfaces with minimum water absorption (mosaic, old tiles, fiberglass and others) should be primed with TERACONTACT® – CONTACT BONDING PRIMER.



In compliance with BDS EN 13300


Indicative consumption

75 – 250 g/m² depending on smoothness and water absorption of the base



PE 20 kg bucket.
PE   5 kg bucket.
PE   2 kg bucket.