Facade thermal insulation boards from graphite EPS with increased thermal insulation properties, as an element of an integrated thermal insulation system.



- with increased strength and mechanic properties, optimized for thermal insulation of facades with subject to high loading pressure, especially suitable for low-energy buildings and passive houses
- good thermal insulation properties
- self-extinguishing, do not deform or shrink
- high vapour permeability
- do not contain harmful components
- allow for “breathing” of the wall
- do not absorb water and resistant to ageing




Scope of use

TERAPOR® NP-25 is a high quality self-extinguishing thermal insulation material from graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS), cut in the shape of boards. The boards are with improved thermal insulation capabilities and strength properties and they are extremely suitable and optimized for thermal insulation of facades as an element of an integrated thermal insulation system. They are recommended for suspended and ventilated facade mounting or as a thermal insulation built in the construction. They are suitable for  thermal insulation of inner walls, bordering non-heated spaces and where there is a constructive requirement for greater pressure strength.

The material is particularly apt for low-energy and passive buildings. The graphite integrated into the structure of the EPS increases the thermal insulation capabilities of the boards with over 20% in comparison with the regular one. The material has very good vapour permeability and its structure allows “breathing” of the building construction, and in this way effectively helps prevent condense and mold accumulation in it and also in the premises. The boards have accurate dimensions and are resistant to ageing. They do not  change their shape and do not shrink.

TERAPOR® NP-25 is an element of the integrated thermal insulation system TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable both for newly erected buildings, so as for already existing buildings – in the process of their renovation and thermal insulation improvement.

When mounting thermal insulation at the wall base area, TERMOFLEX® EPS W-40, TERMOFLEX® XPS or TERAPOR® XPS should be used.



EPS 100 according to BDS EN 13163

Reaction to fire Е according to BDS EN 13501


Packaging and Indicative consumption

Package foiled boards.
                    - width of the boards:        500 mm
                    - length of the boards:      1000 mm
                    - thickness of the boards: 10 - 600 mm

board thickness (mm) 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
boards within 1 package (pcs) 55 29 19 14 11 10 8 7 6 6
within 1 package (m²) 27,5 14,5 9,5 7,0 5,5 5,0 4,0 3,5 3,0 3,0
within 1 package (m³) 0,275 0,290 0,285 0,280 0,275 0,300 0,280 0,280 0,270 0,300