TERAPOR® XPS GRAPHITE, thermal insulation boards from XPS

thermal insulation boards from XPS „without skin“, with extremely high compressive strength for thermal insulation of places subjected to extreme mechanical and water loads


- resistant to very large mechanical loads

- good thermal insulation properties

- do not swallow water and do not deform

- resistant to aging, without shrink






For application on:

- all dry, clean and stable surfaces


For thermal insulation:

- open to traffic roofs, terraces and balconies

- on foundations and plinths

- on floors in wet premises and refrigeration chambers

XPS GRAPHITE is a high quality hardly burning thermal insulation material from extruded polystyrene (XPS), optimized for thermal insulation of places, subjected to high loads of pressure (green and opened for walking roofs, under floor screeds, under flat or sloped roofs, roof terraces, under-floor heating and others).

The boards have very high strength and mechanical indicators and good thermal insulation properties. They have accurate dimensions and resistant to ageing. They do not change their shape and do not shrink. Manufactured „without skin“ and extremely suitable for thermal insulation by bonding to walls, facades, wall bases, etc.

Due to its high resistance to water vapour permeability, the boards are very effective for thermal insulation of places subjected to a high water pressure (perimeter and wall base insulation, thermal insulation of and under foundations, wet premises, walk-in-boxes and others). Also recommended for thermal insulation and prevention of thermal bridges (balconies, windows and doors, concrete columns beams, oriels and others).



According to BDS EN 13164

Reaction to fire Е according to BDS EN 13501



20 mm; 20 boards (14,5 m2)

30 mm; 14 boards   (9,9 m2)

40 mm; 10 boards   (7,1 m2)

50 mm;   8 boards   (5,7 m2)

60 mm;   7 boards   (4,9 m2)

70 mm;   6 boards   (4,2 m2)

80 mm;   5 boards   (3,5 m2)

100 mm;   4 boards   (2,8 m2)


Indicative consumption

1 board for 0,71 m2