Adhesive mortar solution for bonding thermo insulation EPS/XPS boards on different bases when thermo-insulating buildings, in mild winter conditions (temperatures from 0°C to 16°C).


- for work in low temperatures

- high adhesion to mineral bases 

- high adhesion to EPS/XPS and the base

- water and frost resistance





Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® ADHESIVE MORTAR FOR EPS/XPS is a high quality construction adhesive for bonding expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) boards (skinless) in mild winter conditions (temperatures from 0°C to 16°C during board application and the first 10 hours after it).

The adhesive mortar is an element of the integrated thermalinsulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable both for newly erected buildings and old buildings – within the process of renovation or improvement of their thermal-insulation.

TERMOFLEX® REINFORCING MORTAR FOR EPS & XPS or adhesive and reinforcing solution TERMOFLEX® CONTACT should be used over the bonded boards when applying a plaster armored with a fiberglass mesh.



In compliance with BDS EN 13499

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

from 4,5 kg/m² to 8,0 kg/m² depending on the smoothness of the base and the method for application of the adhesive mortar



25 kg paper bags