Certified packed dowels with a plastic pin for mechanical fixing of slabs from EPS and XPS.


- certified dowel with European  technical approval (ETA-08/0172)
- secure fixing of thermo-insulating slabs from EPS, XPS and other solid thermo-insulating materials
- appropriate for concrete, natural stone, clinker, compact limestone blocks
- minimal depth of anchoring 35 mm
- made of high quality shock resistant polypropylene
- pin from polyamide reinforced by a glass fiber
- without plastifiers




Scope of use

Certified packed dowels with expanding plastic bodies and a plastic pin used for the fixing of thermo-insulating slabs from soft to moderately firm materials (expanded and extruded polystyrene, solid polyurethane, etc.) on compact and porous bases (concrete, aerated concrete, solid bricks, etc.)

The dowels are made of high quality shock resistant polypropylene and the pin is reinforced by a polyamide glass fiber. Thanks to the material they are made of, the dowels do not create a thermal bridge. The innovative structure of the dowel imparts high pull out strength and its secure opening up guarantees its high load bearing capacity.

An element of the integrated system for heat insulation TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA. Suitable for both newly built and in existing buildings – in the process of their sanitation and improvement of the heat insulation.   


Indicative consumption

According to the design requirements



Cardboard box 500 pcs



length of the dowel (mm) 100 120 140 160 180 200
diameter of the dowel (mm) 10 10 10 10 10 10
diameter of the head (mm) 60 60 60 60 60 60
appropriate for thermo-insulation
with thickness up to
to 50 to 60 to 80 to 100 to 120 to 150





the maximal thickness of the insulating slabs depends on the thickness of the adhesive layer and the variations in the facade surface. It is important to observe the minimal depths of anchoring to the base.