Coloured steam permeable primer, which penetrates within the base and improves adhesion prior to plaster application and facade painting


- balances water absorption of the base

- high steam permeability

- strengthens surface

- high resistance to atmospheric conditions

- improves adhesion        

- does not contain solvents




Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® COLOUR PRIMER is a preliminary coloured high quality penetrating primer that is used for base preparation prior to application of thin layer façade plasters (silicate, silicone, polymeric, mosaic and mineral) or prior to facade painting. The primer impregnates the base in depth, strengthens it and balances its water absorbing capability. For indoor and outdoor use.

The primer preserves the ability of the wall to “breathe”, ensures water impermeability of the base and improves adhesion with the applied plaster or paint. The preliminary colouring of the primer in the colour of the applied plaster creates a coloured base, which prevents the formation of colour differences and dark spots on the facade during the plaster structuring. When used as a base prior to painting, TERMOFLEX® COLOUR PRIMER reduces paint consumption with around 30%.

A mandatory component of the integrated thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and



In compliance with BDS EN 13300

                                       EN 1062-1

Indicative consumption

50 – 130 ml/m² depending on smoothness and water absorption of the base 



PE 1 l bucket.
PE 3 l bucket.
PE 13.3 l bucket.