Noble non-flammable structural mineral-based plaster, with high water vapour permeability and resistance to weather conditions, for application by hand or machine, indoors and outdoors.


- high vapour permeability and hydrophobic;

- resistant to mechanical effects;

- non-flammable natural product;

- resistant to atmospheric conditions;

- resistant to UV-rays;

- for both manual and machine application.






Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® DRY MINERAL PLASTER is a noble decorative non-flammable mineral-based plaster with high vapour permeability which allows the breathing of the wall. The plaster is hydrophobic as well and it prevents the penetration of water in the building construction.

The product is designed for producing protective decorative coverings with dragged structure. It could be applied onto all types of mineral surfaces (cement-based plasters and reinforcing mortars and precast concrete, thermal insulation boards, gypsum-based mortar, gypsum board, gypsum fibre board and others). The product could be applied either manually or by machine.

Owing to the thicker layer which is to be applied compared to the other plasters, TERMOFLEX® DRY MINERAL PLASTER has higher mechanical resistance (thus it has advantage when applying onto thermal insulation systems, esp. onto EPS bases). It has ameliorated resistance to atmosphere conditions as well. 

The plaster has low dirt retention so it is recommended to be applied as a finishing layer on facades. It has a vivid self-cleaning property – the pollutions which have stuck on the surface are washed by the rain. The dirt is released together with a very thin (micro) layer from the plaster so the plaster is constantly renovating itself. The plaster is offered pre-colored so it does not need painting.

TERMOFLEX® DRY MINERAL PLASTER is used as a finishing layer in the integrated thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® and TERAPOR® and it is suitable both for newly-erected buildings and for old buildings – in the process of remediation or improving of their thermal insulation or facade.



Indicative consumption

dragged (1,5 mm)       3,0-4,5 kg/m²
dragged (2,0 mm)    4,0-6,0 kg/m²
scratched (1,5 mm)   3,0-4,5 kg/m²
The consumption depends highly on the roughness of the base.



25 kg paper bags.



white, light grey, dark grey, yellow ochre, light yellow, yellow beige, milky brown