Combined noise and thermal underfloor insulation from graphite expanded polystyrene for application
under laminate flooring. It levels unevenness up to 6 mm.


- improves the comfort when walking
- contains graphite which extremely ameliorates the thermal insulation properties
- reduces the noise of the steps in the room (with 5,5-6 dB) as well as in the premises on the lower storey (with 17 – 32 dB)
- levels unevenness up to 6 mm
- high resistance and stability with point loads on the floor
- fast and easy assembly


Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® EPS GRAPHITE UNDERFLOOR INSULATION is a combined noise and thermal insulation from expanded polystyrene (EPS) for application under laminate flooring. It effectively reduces the noise of walking both in the same room and in the neighbouring premises – especially in the premises of the lower storey.

The product is recommended for floor without in-floor heating. The graphite in the composition of the material extremely ameliorates the thermal insulation characteristics of the underfloor insulation, reduces the thermal losses and guarantees a warm floor. This is the reason why the underfloor insulation is not recommended for floors with in-floor heating.

TERMOFLEX® EPS GRAPHITE UNDERFLOOR INSULATION is very thick (7 mm) and highly stable which makes it quite pressure resistant. This prevents the damages in the connections between the laminated parquet in the places with higher point load. The underfloor insulation allows levelling of unevenness in the floor up to 6 mm.



Reaction to fire Е according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

1 m²/m²



package 8,5 m²



length: 1000 mm

width: 500 mm

thickness: 7 mm