Crushed expanded polystyrene granulate as bulk thermo-insulating material, construction additive or filling. 


  - it fills and thermo-insulates cavities and openings

  - as a thermo-insulating construction additive

  - as vegetal substrate and improving material

  - aerates the soil and improves its amelioration




Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® EPS-RE is crushed expanded polystyrene granulate with high thermo-insulating properties and low bulk density. They have the ability to fill tightly each free space and adapt to ant shape. It contains only 0,5% artificial material and 99,5% air, which makes it ideal as bulk material for the simultaneous thermo-insulation and filling up of cavities, construction joints and openings. In this manner with minimum amount of material and maximal amount of air fast and economic filling up could be achieved without any effect on the structure’s weight.

It is used as an additional product to construction mixtures (EPS-concrete,  EPS thermal insulating plasters,  making bricks porous,  etc.); as a soil improver (for aeration), as material for filling in cavities and as a general filler (in the furniture industry,  toys,  etc.)

It is also used in agriculture as a vegetal substrate and soil improvement  material,  enhancing the soil aeration (granulate with dimensions 4 – 8 mm). It could be used for enhancing the amelioration of compact and hard farming soils (garden, agricultural). It act as a filtering material and improves the water permeability and the aeration of the soil. It is used for draining purposes for the dewatering of flooded soils (granulate with dimensions 8 – 25 mm). It has no odour, it is chemically neutral and acceptable by the plants. 

It helps in the composting of waste materials in the landfills (granulate with dimensions 6-12 mm) by increasing the activity of the microorganisms which not only improves the quality of the obtained humus but accelerates the process of its formation and leads to its “hygienization” as a result of the faster and greater temperature increase in the environment



Indicative consumption

depending on the size of the packaging