thermal insulation boards from EPS with extremely strength for thermal insulation of heavily loaded places


- very high strength characteristics

- excellent thermal insulation properties

- high vapour permeability

- resistant to aging, do not deform or shrink 







For application on:

- all dry, clean and stable surfaces


For thermal insulation:

- flat roofs, terraces and balconies

- floors between levels

- under screeds and underfloor heating systems

TERMOFLEX® EPS W-40 is a high quality self-extinguishing thermal insulation material from expanded polystyrene (EPS) with very high strength and mechanical properties, cut in the shape of boards. The boards are quite suitable and optimized for thermal insulation of premises that are subjected to extreme loading pressure (planted roofs, walking area roofs, under screeds, under flat, sloping or inclined roof, roof terraces, floors between levels, floor heating and others). Recommended also for thermal insulation and avoiding thermal bridges (balconies, windows and doors, concrete columns, beams and bay-windows and others).

The material has very good vapour permeability and its structure allows “breathing” of the building construction, and in this way effectively helps prevent condense and mold accumulation in it and also in the premises. The boards possess very good thermal insulation properties, accurate dimensions and are resistant to aging. They do not change their shape and do not shrink.

TERMOFLEX® EPS W-40 is an element of the integrated thermal insulation system TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and is suitable both for newly erected buildings, so as for already existing buildings – in the process of their renovation and thermal insulation improvement.

When mounting thermal insulation at facades and external walls, TERMOFLEX® EPS F or TERMOFLEX® EPS F-EXTRA should be used.



EPS 250 according to BDS EN 13163

Reaction to fire Е according to BDS EN 13501- 1



10 mm; 55 boards (27,5 m2)

20 mm; 29 boards (14,5 m2)

30 mm; 19 boards   (9,5 m2)

40 mm; 14 boards   (7,0 m2)

50 mm; 11 boards   (5,5 m2)

60 mm; 10 boards   (5,0 m2)

70 mm;   8 boards   (4,0 m2)

80 mm;   7 boards   (3,5 m2)

90 mm;   6 boards   (3,0 m2)

100 mm;   6 boards   (3,0 m2)



Indicative consumption

1 board for 0,50 m2