TERMOFLEX® MOSAIC decorative paste-like mosaic plaster

Decorative paste-like mosaic plaster with high strength and resistance to bad weather conditions, UV-rays and aging.


- high water repulsion qualities

- resistance to mechanical pressure

- high resistance to bad weather conditions and UV- rays

- water vapour permeability

- high adhesion to many types of surfaces

- resistant to defilement, discolouration and aging



Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® MOSAIC is a ready for use, thin layer paste- like mosaic plaster, which consists of crushed mosaic and granite particles with different shape and size, flowing into a diverse range of colours. It is designed for creating protective and decorative coatings on old and new mineral bases (cement, cement plasters and mortars, prefabricated concrete elements, gypsum-based mortar, gypsum board, gypsum fiberboard, etc.) with which it has an extremely strong adhesion.

The great mechanical strength of the mosaic plasters, as well as their resistance to water and cold weather guarantee the durability of the performance of the applied layer on vulnerable areas, which are subjected to a high flow of people, variable weather conditions and significant mechanical impact.

TERMOFLEX® MOSAIC is recommended for implementing the wall base and the elements in the lower stretches of the building as well as elements of building, which are undergoing prolonged exposure to household moisture and atmospheric humidity, for example walls of open terraces and balconies.

The plaster can be used for decorative designs of architectural details, accents and ornaments at same time as for exterior and interior of buildings. It is suitable for surfaces in commercial and office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, shops and other places where there is an increased movement of people who often lean on or touch the walls. In such places it is necessary that the finishing coat is resistant to mechanical pressure and colour change, fading, discolouration and cleaning. It is recommended for installation in hallways, stairways and foyers.

TERMOFLEX® MOSAIC is used as finishing coating in integrated thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable for both new and old buildings – in the process of retrofitting or improving their insulation or facade.


Plastic package of 25 kg.


Indicative consumption

Type of the plaster               Consumption

particle size 1,5 mm             3,2 - 4,0 kg/m2