Breathing roller mortar (paint) with expressed structure, for creatively shaped, with beautiful embossed effects finishing covering, for indoor and outdoor use.


- with fine embossed structure

- hard non-cracking covering

- fixed uneven areas and cracks

- very easy application – no previous experience needed

- high steam permeability

- high resistance to weather conditions

- allows for individual structuring: with a roller, a brush or a whitewash brush



Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® RELIEF FACADE PAINT is a modern decorative roller mortar, with expressed embossed structure. It forms a hard, non-cracking decorative covering, which easily fixes slight roughnesses and fine cracks on the surface. Its application is very easy – even by people with no previous experience.

It is applicable for all types of mineral bases: concrete, mineral plasters, cement boards, gypsum boards, paints, mortars (old and new), wallpaper and others. It is particularly recommended for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The coat made with TERMOFLEX® RELIEF FACADE PAINT has great resistance to atmospheric influences, UV rays, temperature changes, industrial gasses and others. It distinguishes with extreme elasticity and very high steam permeability. Its open covering structure allows the so called “breathing” of the facade.

The color design system ENERGY IN COLORS allows for a choice of more than 2080 colors.

TERMOFLEX® RELIEF FACADE PAINT is used as a finishing coat within the integrated thermo-insulation system TERMOFLEX® and TERAPOR® and is suitable both for newly erected buildings and old buildings – during the renovation process or the process of improving their thermo-insulation or facade.


Indicative consumption

0,500 - 1,000 kg/m² for a single layer application with previous priming f the base. It may vary depending on the smoothness of the base and the desired effect.



PE bucket of 5 kg 

PE bucket of 25 kg