Colored silicone paint for facades and interiors, highly water repellent and stopping capillary moisture, with high steam permeability and low tendency to pollution


- offered in more than 2080 colors

- resistant to pollution and UV rays

- excellent color durability

- self-cleaning effect

- protection against, mold, mildew and bacteria

- highly water vapour permeable (breathing) and water repellent

- high elasticity and covering

- high resistance to weather conditions




Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® SILICONE FACADE PAINT is ready-to-use colored decorative and protective paint based on silicone resins. It is applicable for all types of bases, paints and plasters (old and new) made from artificial resins and polymers and others. It is extremely suitable for reinforcement of old buildings in the process of renovation of the finishing coats. It is recommended as a protective covering when having oblique rain in the baseboard area.

The paint covering has high resistance to environmental influences, UV rays, temperature changes, industrial gases and others. It distinguishes with extreme elasticity, very high steam permeability and allows for the so-called “breathing” of the facade. It possesses very good water repellent properties and is extremely resistant to biological hazards, mold, mildew and others, which makes it very appropriate for application on North side or shady facades, so as in areas with high air humidity and in areas with sea salt penetrated air. It is resistant to aging and pollution and easily creates a long lasting covering, which is resistant to acid rains and filthy air sediments that do not go into chemical reaction with it. It is suitable as a finishing coat of facades of buildings that are situated in close proximity to busy city streets, intersections and others. It ensures great stability of the color and easy maintenance of the facade cleanliness.

The color design system ENERGY IN COLORS allows for a choice of more than 2080 colors.

TERMOFLEX® SILICONE FACADE PAINT is used as a finishing coat within the integrated thermoinsulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable both for newly erected buildings and old buildings – during the renovation process or the process of improving their thermo-insulation or facade.


Indicative consumption

150 - 300 ml/m² for a single layer application depending on the smoothness and absorbent ability of the base.



PE 2,8 l bucket.
PE 8,5 l bucket.
PE 11,8 l bucket.