The principles that we stand by

Over the years, we operate on Bulgarian and international market, fervently share the philosophy that a company can only be successful if it accomplishes a durable and sustainable principles. Our ambition to be in a constant contact with the market, to react to its conscious and unconscious needs, as well as not being afraid from being innovative is appeared to be the snapshot of all principles that we share and resolutely stand for!

Close partnership
By mean of close personal contact we recognize and meet the needs of our partners. We have the confidence to provide exceptional service in all of our core competencies and areas of activity, thus constantly inspire our partners.


People in MARISAN
People who work in MARISAN make the difference. They are the most important factor that distinguishes us in an environment of fierce competition and are our closest relationship with our partners in the market. A management based on mutual respect allows employees to actively participate in the process and take responsibility for challenging goals.

Innovations shape the market
As a technology leader, we generate trends in the field of products, systems and services. Innovation introduced by MARISAN shape the market steadily and ensure our future success.


Product portfolio and services
The large range of products we offer ensures strong and competitive position in the market. Besides high quality products and systems, we also provide services such as consulting, product documentation and training, assistance on the construction site, project management and logistics, adjusted to customer needs.


Readiness for change and focus on performance
The world is changing faster and faster. Customer needs are becoming more individual. Flexibility and readiness for change are becoming more important. For those reasons, the decisions we make and the strategies we develop are consequence of thorough analysis of all relevant factors.


Added value through strong brands
Our brands provide orientation and security on the complex market. Their consistent management ensures added value for all market participants.




International growth
Through our decentralized orientation, MARISAN achieves close contact with the market, not only in Bulgaria but also neighboring countries, taking advantage of international and interdisciplinary exchange of experience. We are taking into account cultural features and differences in the market conditions. Thus we succeed to generate growth and to minimize risks.


Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is a long-term, thoughtful and economical use of the limited resources on the planet - economically responsible behavior in its true sense. The pursuit of sustainable solutions, we consider not only as our job but also as our social responsibility.


Success through long-term orientation
The long-term increasement of company`s value is our main task. In order to achieve the growth we seek, we use our resources in the most reasonable manner having our competences implemented in every level of the company. Succession in management and rational use of our financial resources allow us to continuously increase the value of the company and fulfilling our social responsibility in the future.