Professional system for slope roofs that guarantees their effective drainage and thermal insulation without any risk of thermal bridges formation.


- effectively reducing the weight of the whole roof

- individual slope that is tailored to the client’s needs and demands

- extreme thermal insulation characteristics

- high resistance to mechanical pressure

- removes all thermal bridges in the roof

- resistant to mold and moisture

- the boards do not rot and crumble

- guaranteed long term living comfort from the highest quality

- suitable for residential and industrial buildings

- eco-friendly material without HFKW, HFCKW and HBCD additives




Scope of use

Individual thermal insulation solutionс for all kinds of slope roofs!

The manufacturing of the thermal insulation boards is delivered in compliance with all the demands of our customers! Roofs with complicated shapes and geometry, with even or plantigrade slope are not an issue. No matter how big the area is, the thermal insulation boards can be produced in a way that will guarantee perfectly even and seamless slope. No matter whether it is about renovation works or new construction, the thermal insulation boards TERMOFLEX® EPS NG and TERAPOR® EPS NG will make you confident that you have made the right choice!


Economically-sound choice for achieving the desired slope of your roof!

The slope that the water needs to drain away is achieved by a combination of thermal insulation boards cut in a way to become wedge-shaped and flat ones also. That way of working guarantees the effective interruption of all thermal bridges. The combination is very suitable for follow-up thermal insulation of flat roofs in the process of their renovation.

Easy-to-install, the thermal insulation slope roof system is available with slopes of 1.5%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 12%. Yet, individual projects can also be fulfilled upon request. Choosing the right type of insulation board depends on the desired stability and pressure resistance, as well as the desired thermal insulation characteristics of the material.

The slope roof insulation system consists of the below-mentioned standard thermal insulation boards and can be installed easily. The sizes of the individual boards are designed with an intentional mismatch of the joints, so that the formation of thermal bridges can be avoided.

TERMOFLEX® EPS W-40 NG (EPS 250; λ = 0.031)

TERMOFLEX® EPS W-35 NG (EPS 200; λ = 0.031)

TERAPOR® EPS NP-35 NG (EPS 150; λ = 0.028)

For every roof, an individual plan with the exact location of each board is designed. The montage is as simple as it can get: The thermal insulation boards are laid and they are then covered with the slope boards. The areas where the slope direction is changed requires all the boards to be cut diagonally and installed according to the provided plan.


With MARISAN you get:

Flawless system for roof drainage; detailed installation plan; consecutive numbering of all boards; comprehensive list; on-sight delivery!