Roof thermal insulation systems with high insulation efficiency in minimal construction thickness, significantly reducing the effect of extreme temperature fluctuations and minimizing the heat losses through the roof.

Cold, heat, rain, snow – there is no other constructive element or part of a building where the advantages of an efficient and economically-sound thermal insulation are bigger. The ceiling premises in new buildings nowadays with their transformation into living spaces are gaining an ever-increasing popularity. That is where MARISAN’s thermal insulation systems with their ability to be integrated under, below and between the roof beams, come to offer the best solution for retaining the heat and the generated energy within your home, while serving as an active barrier for the cold air to remain outside.

If the ceiling premise is not intended to serve as a living space, which is the case with most of the old buildings, then the effective thermal insulation is a suitable solution for minimizing the extreme temperature differences and stopping the heat losses through the roof slab.