Plastic and elastic silicone paint for retrofitting cracked facades, plasters and concrete surfaces, extremely resistant to cracking and UV-rays with high water vapour permeability suitable for decorative facade elements


- super elastic even at low temperatures

- very good adhesion to the base

- overcomes cracks up to 1 mm

- protection against fungi, molds and bacteria

- high water vapour permeability

- resistant to pollution and UV-rays



Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® SUPER ELASTIC is a ready for use plastic and elastic paint on the base of silicone resins for retrofitting cracked facades. It is applicable on all type of mineral bases, paints and plasters (old and new) from artificial resins and polymers, etc. It is exceptionally suitable for refurbishment of old buildings in the process of renovating their finishing coverings. It is recommended as a protective coating for decorative details and elements on any type of facades.

The paint has extremely high elasticity and extensibility up to 160% and withstands extremely large linear extensions and movements of the base without cracking. It does not crack even when in the foundation beneath it forms new cracks. The increased adhesion of the product to the base prevents peeling of the paint when movements occur and allows overcoming and retrofitting of existing cracks with width up to 1mm without their prior filling.

The cover made with TERMOFLEX® SUPER ELASTIC has a high resistance to weather condition, UV-rays, temperature changes, industrial gases, aging and contamination. It distinguishes with very high water vapour permeability and allows the so-called “breathing” of the facade. It has good water repulsing properties and it is resistant to biological contaminations, mold, fungi etc. It creates an easy to maintain and durable coating that is resistant to acid rain and depositions from polluted air, which do not enter into a chemical reaction with it. It provides high stability of the colour and easy to maintain cleanliness of the facade.

ENERGY IN COLORS tinting system gives a choice of more than 2080 colours.


Indicative consumption

250 - 300 ml/m2 per single application, depending on the smoothness and the absorbency of the base.



Plastic package of 2,8 l