Self adhesive profile  with fibre glass reinforcement mesh for long term and water-tight connection of the thermal insulation systems with doors' and windows' joinery works.


- it forms long term elastic connection between the reinforcement putty and the joinery of doors and windows, sealing the joint between them

- it prevents the separation of the plaster from the joinery

- it protects the joinery from mechanical damage and pollution during the different coating operations

- it prevents the penetration of water, heat and noise between the joinery and the thermo-insulating system

- the elongated comb-like back edge of the profile prevents the crack formation

- appropriate for colored coatings after the plastering of the profile the edge remains invisible

- it provides aestheticaly faultless connection

- the reinforcement mesh is strongly connected to the profile by super sound

- easy installation and safety during operation


Scope of use

Self adhesive profile for elastic and water tight connection of the thermo-insulating system with the joinery of doors and windows. The profile provides a long term seal of the formed joint and prevents the separation of the plaster from the joinery. The elastic self-adhesive tape allows movements up to 2 mm in two planes, the profile bearing compression and tension stresses.

The special drawing edge guarantees the precise introduction into the reinforcement layer and the finishing coat and provides aesthetically complete connection to the joinery. There is an integrated break-off protective connection strip which is used for pasting up the window and protecting it during the construction works.

An element of the integrated system for heat insulation TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR®ULTRA. Suitable for both newly built and in existing buildings – in the process of their sanitation and improvement of the heat insulation.


Indicative consumption

1 m/m



Profile length 2400 mm       

Bundle 50 pcs