The facade profiles are various so that they can be applied even when one has extremely nontraditional design ideas.


We have various types of façade profiles so they can be applied even when one has extremely nontraditional design ideas. Our program offers wide range of practical solutions which can be used both when reconstructing and renovating in a definite architectural style and when constructing with modern accents.

The features of the lightweight construction material make it suitable for multiple uses – from filigreed elements to large area lining with rustic style stonework. Façade profiles and elements are very well combined with textured plasters and clinker tiles.

The universality of the program confirms that the stylishly shaped gates give the aura of elegance at the very entrance; meanwhile, the postmodern accents on the façades bring some surprising moments which have stronger effect when treated with colorful façade paints.

The program of profiles has a universal application so it is not only meant for outdoors application. For instance, the console and the frame profiles bring sophisticated atmosphere in the premises. The profiles are ideal for placing a frame on areas which have been decoratively mortared by up-to-date techniques.

The wide range of decorative elements include standard profiles and rustic style stonework, ornaments, consoles, window trims, arches and vaults, columns, pilasters, capitals. Special requirements could be fulfilled – for instance, the fronts of the profiles can be cut in a certain angle. It is possible to manufacture modified versions of all standard profiles. Moreover, when the result has to be very special (for example: unique, fantastic decorations or replicas) – in these cases of entirely individual orders, they are made in a fast and trustworthy way.

Together with us, you always accompany your ideas with the right profile!