UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION PRIMER impregnating and strengthening primer

Short description: universal deep penetrating primer for impregnating and strengthening of friable mineral bases, forms a contact surface with excellent adhesion


- penetrates deep within the pores and strengthens them

- impregnates and strengthens the base

- connect dust to surface

- creates secure contact surface








For priming on:

- all kinds mineral bases

- dusty and friable surfaces with reduced grip

- healthy coatings of old paints


For application when:

- strengthening of friable mineral bases

- preparation  for base waterproofing

- applying ceramic linings subject to constant moisture

- indoors and outdoors use

UNIVERSAL CONSTRUCTION PRIMER is a deep penetrating primer for impregnating and strengthening of mineral bases 9cement and gypsum mortars and plasters, strong old paint coatings, sectional concrete elements, bricks, gypsum, gypsum boards and others.

The primer is particularly suitable as a preparation of the base for hydro insulation – penetrates within the pores of the base, makes it water repellent and balances its absorbing ability. It decreases the paint consumption and ensures uniformity of the final covering. It forms a resistant to wet friction contact surface with great adhesion.

For indoor and outdoor use. It is almost odorless, which makes it very suitable for work in inhabitable premises and food storages. The primer has a pink control color. It is not suitable for floor impregnation.



In accordance with EN 13300


Indicative consumption

75-250 ml/m2 - depending on the base



polyethylene bottle 1 l

polyethylene tube  5 l