Waterproofing of balconies

Balconies represent an extended outside of the building platform, which does not provide support to the other construction elements. They give architectural completion of the building and provide the residents with direct access to the environment and panoramic view. As an external element balconies are subjected to numerous loading and adverse weather conditions. The cyclic temperature changes (the heating in summer up to +70°С and freezing un winter up to -30°С) causes significant mechanical deformations in their construction and flooring. The large in size balconies are subjected to even greater mechanical loadings and require high elasticity of the waterproofing and the used adhesives. Very critical are the water loadings, to which a balcony is subjected – the poring rains, the accumulating and melting snow.

Ceramic coatings, with which the balconies are most often covered, do not provide enough protection. The moisture and the snow or rain water penetrate under the tiles and in the joints and when freezing they destroy the coating. The retention of moisture not only causes the appearance of unpleasant odors and contamination, but also leads to serious damage to the base as a result of the corrosion caused by the frozen water.

The waterproofing system HYDRO аnd SPLIT PROTECTION² is specially designed to withstand the adverse weather conditions and guarantee maximum protection for each of the elements of your balcony, saving you time and costly repairs on the laid surfaces.

In order to successfully achieve the waterproofing of the balcony is necessary to keep several easy rules: minimal swelling slope of 2%; suitable priming and preparation of the base; acceptance of all “active” joints in the coating through deformation profiles; sealing of all connections with other details; compliance with the minimal thickness of the waterproofing coating.



1. Filling up the bigger unevenness with TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE.

2. Priming with contact and bonding primer TERACONTACT® for creating a better contact surface.

3. Making a slope of 2% with CIMENTOL® FLOOR SCREED, as on each 4 m an expansion joint is places in it with width 1-1,5 cm, which is filled with TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC- polyurethane sealant.

4. Applying the first layer of two-component waterproofing insulation HYDROZOL® with roller, brush or trowel (5 days after the application of the screed).

5. The connecting and expansion joints are sealed with SEALING TAPE , and for the flor drains is used HYDRO INSULATION SEALING COLLAR FOR FLOOR DRAINS

6. The second layer elastic two-component waterproofing insulation HYDROZOL® is applied 4 h perpendicular to the first. The total thickness of the two layers should be 3 mm.

7. The tiles are bonded with highly flexible adhesive TERAFLEX® GOLD or with super flexible adhesive TERAFLEX® PLATINIUM for elastic bonding on critical bases (72 h after the implementation of the second waterproofing layer).

8. The joints between the tiles are grouted (48 h after laying the tiling) with elastic grout TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION or TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION, which have powerful water repellent and antibacterial effect.

9. Corner, connection and expansion joints, as well as the places where the valves and fittings are connecting are sealed with polyurethane sealant TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC or TERAFLEX ® PU 50 FC .



1. TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE (Universal repair solution for filling up and leveling irregularities for indoor and outdoor conditions)

2. TERACONTACT® (Contact and bonding primer for critical and non-absorbent bases, which ensures secure adhesion and bonding of floor coverings, ceramic lining adhesives and new concrete, indoors and outdoors)

3. CIMENTOL® FLOOR SCREED (Cement based floor screed with universal use, for manual application)

4. and 6. HYDROZOL® (Highly elastic two-component cementitious hydro insulation surfaces which forms strong, continuous and durable waterproof membrane for construction elements, subjected to a constant water loading))

5. SEALING TAPE (For elastic waterproof bridging of expansion, edge and other active joints)

7. TERAFLEX® PLATINIUM (Highly flexible, water and frost resistant adhesive for thin layer application of ceramic linings and granite tile floors (Granitogres™) over deformable and fine polished surfaces)

or TERAFLEX® GOLD (High strength, flexible adhesive for thin and thick layer application of large and heavy lining tiles and stones on critical bases)

8. TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION (Elastic hydrophobic grout with sparkling (brocade) effect highly wear-resistant and protection against mould and mildew, for joints with 2 to 25 mm width)

or TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION (Elastic hydrophobic grout highly resistant to dirt and with protection against mould and mildew, for joints with 1 to 6 mm width)

9. TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC (One-component polyurethane sealing and bonding mass for highly elastic and leveling pressure sealing of pressure-loaded joints and bonding in construction and machinery construction) 

or TERAFLEX ® PU 50 FC (One-component polyurethane adhesive-sealant for extremely strong and highly elastic bonding in construction and machinery construction).



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