Waterproofing of ground and underground premises

These premises are located partly or completely under the ground and are exposed to the influence of water and moisture in the soil – from rains, groundwater, irrigation, etc. At incorrectly laid broken or missing insulation the water penetrates in the walls and tiles. On the floors and walls of the premises seep and spread moisture. The penetrated into the masonry and concrete construction capillary moisture moves up the walls under the influence of the pressure of water in the soil around the building.

The moisture in the walls destroys in time the materials and causes extremely severe damage in the premises from this - detachments, efflorescence and peeling off the internal plasters, appearances of mold and mildew, effect of moisture on furniture and belongings in the spaces. In some technical premises, such as elevators and shafts, can appear problems with the operation of the facilities.

The complexity of the appeared problems depends on the intensity of the water loadings and the type and condition of the construction and foundations, but due to its specificity they can be only solved with the help of waterproofing material, which is resistant to negative water pressure.

The system HYDRO аnd SPLIT PROTECTION² provides full waterproofing solution for ground and underground premises. It forms an elastic, seamless membrane with zero water absorption, which is firmly connected to the base and extremely resistant to negative water pressure. Thus it will keep moisture away from the structure and protect your premises, helping to preserve both their functionality and aesthetic of their appearance.



1. Filling up the bigger unevenness with TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE.

2. Priming with contact and bonding primer TERACONTACT® for creating a better contact surface.

3. Applying the first layer of two-component waterproofing insulation HYDROZOL® with roller, brush or trowel (5 days after the application of the screed).

4. The connecting and expansion joints are sealed with SEALING TAPE.

5. The second layer elastic two-component waterproofing insulation HYDROZOL® is applied 4 h perpendicular to the first. The total thickness of the two layers should be 3 mm.

6. On the wall is applied lime-cement-based undercoat plaster TERAFLEX® MASTER FIX (72 h after the implementation of the second waterproofing layer). After its drying a finishing plastering is performed with TERAFLEX® WHITE CEMENT FILLER.

7. The tiles are bonded with an elastic adhesive for loaded bases TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX or with highly flexible adhesive TERAFLEX® GOLD for critical bases (72 h after the implementation of the second waterproofing layer).

8. The joints between the tiles are grouted (48 h after laying the tiling) with elastic grout TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION or TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION, which have powerful water repellent and antibacterial effect.

9. Corner, connection and expansion joints are sealed with universal sealant TERAFLEX® UNIVERSAL.



1. TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE (Universal repair solution for filling up and leveling irregularities for indoor and outdoor conditions)

2. TERACONTACT® (Contact and bonding primer for critical and non-absorbent bases, which ensures secure adhesion and bonding of floor coverings, ceramic lining adhesives and new concrete, indoors and outdoors)

3. 5. HYDROZOL® (Highly elastic two-component cementitious hydro insulation surfaces which forms strong, continuous and durable waterproof membrane for construction elements, subjected to a constant water loading)

4. SEALING TAPE (For elastic waterproof bridging of expansion, edge and other active joints)

6. TERAFLEX® GOLD (High strength, flexible adhesive for thin and thick layer application of large and heavy lining tiles and stones on critical bases)

or TERAFLEX® SUPER FLEX (High strength flexible adhesive for ceramic tiles and granite tile floors (Granitogres™) indoor and outdoor bonding of heavy load bases)

9. TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION (Elastic hydrophobic grout with sparkling (brocade) effect highly wear-resistant and protection against mould and mildew, for joints with 2 to 25 mm width)

or TERAFLEX® SILVER SELECTION (Elastic hydrophobic grout highly resistant to dirt and with protection against mould and mildew, for joints with 1 to 6 mm width)

8. TERAFLEX® UNIVERSAL (Elastic, one-component universal silicone, for sealing non-loaded interior joints, resistant to aging, UV-rays and atmospheric influences)

9. TERAFLEX® MASTER FIX (Lime-cement-based undercoat plaster for single layer application with up to 5 cm thickness, for indoor and outdoor use)

10. TERAFLEX® WHITE CEMENT FILLER (White thin-layer highly elastic smoothing plasters for walls and ceilings with layer thickness up to 5 mm, for indoor and outdoor use so as in wet premises)



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