For optimum preparation of the surface before laying of bituminous hydro insulating rolls, penetrating deeply in the microcracks of porous surfaces and strengthening them, ameliorating the adhesion.


- optimum preparation for laying of bituminous hydro-insulation rolls;

- penetrates into microcracks and seals them;

- strengthens porous and highly absorbent surfaces;

- ameliorates the adhesion;

- can be laid over metals with high evenness;






Scope of use

HYDROZOL® BG-AQ WATER BASED BITUMEN PRIMER is a ready-to-use product for primary treatment of the surface and for optimum preparation of the surface for laying of the bituminous hydro-insulating rolls. It is designed to be the first layer of priming.

HYDROZOL® BG-AQ WATER BASED BITUMEN PRIMER stops the effect of the dust, seals and strengthens porous and highly absorbent surfaces and penetrates into microcracks of the surfaces (walls, floors and roofs). The primer ameliorates the adhesion of the hydro-insulation and the surface by performing strong and elastic connection between them. It could be used for insulation of all vertical and horizontal surfaces.   The   primer   has   high   resistance   to   weather conditions.

HYDROZOL® BG-AQ WATER BASED BITUMEN PRIMER is suitable to be laid over old bituminous and cement hydro-insulating materials, screed, tin, metal panels and other surfaces which possess high evenness.


Indicative consumption

0,165 – 0,220 l/m² when laid over tin

0,300 – 0,325 l/m² when laid over screed depending on the evenness of the surface and its absorption qualities



PE bucket of 5, 18 l



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