For extremely strong connection between the surface and the applied bituminous hydro insulation, penetrating deeply in the microcracks of porous surfaces – sealing and strengthening them


- creates extremely strong connection between the surface and the bituminous membrane;

- penetrates into microcracks and seals them;

- can be applied onto highly smooth surfaces;

- strengthens the surface, seals the dust and it does not stick after drying;

- resistant to acids and bases;

- polishes metal surfaces and has anti-corrosive effect;




Scope of use

HYDROZOL® BG-OR SOLVENT BASED BITUMEN PRIMER is a fast drying bituminous primer on the base of organic solvent for primary treatment of the surface before applying of the bituminous hydro insulating membranes or another kind of cold applied bituminous surfaces. It is suitable for water proofing of walls, floors, sloped roofs and other horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

The primer has low viscosity and excellent penetrating ability which  allows  it  to  enter  the  pores  of  concrete  and  other mineral surfaces. Therefore, the adhesion between the membrane and the surface is much higher because of the newly formed strong connection between them. The primer fills the cracks in the surface and seals the particles of the dust which remain after the cleaning of the surface.

HYDROZOL® BG-OR SOLVENT BASED BITUMEN PRIMER could be applied over concrete, screed, plaster and almost all construction surfaces. The primer has excellent adhesion to tin, metal panels and other highly smooth surfaces. It is used for lacquering of primed or not-primed metal surfaces. It is used for protective layer of tubes and metal tanks as well. It is resistant to diluted acids and bases and dries very fast. It could be used as a hardener for freshly laid concrete.


Indicative consumption

0,300 - 0,350 kg/m² depending on the evenness of the surface and its absorption qualities



Metal bucket of 5, 18 kg



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