TERAFLEX® LEVEL PRO self-levelling floor screed

Fast setting self-levelling durable floor compound for extremely smooth and homogenous floor levelling.


- excellent self-leveling properties with optimal allocation of the mortar

- extremely smooth and homogeneous surface

- with minimal shrinkage

- quick bonding, without cracking

- suitable with build-in underfloor heating

- universally applicable over many bases




Scope of use

TERAFLEX® LEVEL PRO is a high-tech quick bonding cement-polymer based self-leveling floor screed. It is designed for precise and long lasting leveling and smoothing of floors in indoor premises. It produces extremely smooth, homogeneous and self-leveling base before laying of ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, soft floor coverings, moquette, linoleum, PVC and other kinds of floorings. It is suitable for use on floors with build-in underfloor heating.

TERAFLEX® LEVEL PRO has excellent self-leveling properties with optimal allocation of the mortar. It is applied easily and seamlessly in thickness from 2 to 10 mm. It hardens quickly without cracking and without forming internal tensions. It can be used for leveling of ceramic, plaster, cement, magnesite, wood and other floors in old and new buildings.

If necessary to apply in layers larger than 10 mm or when applying on critical bases, CIMENTOL® FLOOR SCREED must be used.



CT-C30-F6 according to BDS EN 13813


Indicative consumption

about 1,4 – 1,5 kg/m2 for each 1 mm layer thickness
the consumption depends on the smoothness of the base and the thickness of the applied screed.



Paper bags of 25 kg.



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